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Resident Testimonials

We find it very convenient to have our own place with a nice backyard, free driveway snow removal and heat included. We don’t have to worry about paying for repairs out of pocket – if something happens, the Slemon Park team is here to fix it right away.

The community even has job opportunities – Lila can work right in Slemon Park and she loves it! She’s treated so well.

We love the freedom to make our home our own – we’ve done our own kitchen updates. We feel safe and taken care of, and will stay as long as we can.

Colleen & Lila

Community Members since 2002

We are very happy here. One of the biggest reasons we’ve chosen to stay is the free maintenance – we couldn’t ask for more and the Slemon Park team is great. They come right away and help with whatever we need.

Our neighbours are very friendly and we are comfortable knowing that we’re in good company. We know that our neighbours will look out for us and even keep an eye on our home when we’re away. We really enjoy getting together with them to play cards, and always keep an eye out for other community activities to attend.

We’re proud to be able to call this home our own and have added many personal touches.

Ron & Lorrean

Community Members since 1999

It’s nice having good neighbours and a lot of privacy. Any time I need anything, the Slemon Park team is here so fast! I don’t have to worry about cutting my grass or clearing snow from my driveway. Slemon Park is a great location and has everything I need – I love the on-site convenience store. I’ve seen many families make their homes here over the years. I couldn’t be happier and am excited to try more of the activities offered.


Community Member since 1992

We first moved to Slemon Park because we had a growing family – the community has always suited our needs very well. There’s always been many amenities for families and there’s even more today. We’ve seen a lot of kids grow up here, including our own.

We’ve gotten to know a lot of people in the community over the years and have shared many cups of coffee with neighbours. We’ve created a lot of memories here.

Living here is just so easy – free driveway snow removal and lawn care, and the fact that Slemon Park will be here in seconds if something goes wrong – you can’t beat that! It’s always truly felt like our home and we take care of it accordingly – Slemon Park takes care of their community, so we take care of our home. I think others in the community would say the same.

Cindy & Lloyd Waite

Community Members since 1992